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Cheerleader of the Month (Varsity)
Why should this person be Cheerleader of the Month?

March 2019

Varsity: Mackenzie Durrill

Kenzie should be Cheerleader of the Month because she has advanced a lot in tumbling and stunting. She has been thrown into hard stunts and tumbling and she’s doing it all very well. Her round off back handspring also looks amazing.

She has been able to step in at any stunt and be a good fit and she has thrown the most tumbling correctly

She got her back handspring and tries her best when she’s doing routines and when she’s just practicing

JV: Nadine Colombo

Always has a great attitude

I pick nadine because no matter how hurt she gets she pushes through it and is a good asset to the team

She improved a ton in flying and she’s working hard at practice even with her injury


February 2019

Varsity: Savannah-Rose Turner

Sav is an all-time amazing cheerleader. She demonstrates the most dedication to the team, and you’ll hardly ever see her not putting her best forward.

Best flyer, always giving corrections and working to improve.

She is so ambitious and pushes the team to do better which I really admire. She is so dedicated to the team and she should be recognized for it

JV: Samantha Binns

She is a great captain for JV and sets a great example for others to follow. She is always prepared for practice and puts in all her effort

She has been working very hard on her tumbling with Doug including getting her back walkover in a very short amount of time.

She has pushed through so many difficult tasks and Im so thankful for her support when I was going through some rough times.


January 2019

Varsity: Ilana Tenberg:

Because her hand is not really working but she can still do tumbling 10x better than most of the team and she works really hard in every aspect of cheer.

She has persevered through a dislocated thumb, bruised nose, and bad cold without complaining and is still willing to put 100% effort in during practices and competitions.

No matter how injured she gets she manages to push through all the practices and preformances she’s really dedicated to the team

JV: Ariana Rivera

She is so flexible and takes corrections extremely well and is always trying to get better with tumbling and flying. She works so hard and is always so motivated to do better.

She’s one of the most recent flyers and she’s improved so much in the time being. Her kick up scorpion is beautiful and I feel that as she continues to fly she’ll become even better.

She’s a flyer and a base and she has a positive attitude at practice


December 2018

Varsity: Maddie Becker

JV: Lainey Fitch


November 2018

Varsity: Mia Davis

JV: Lilia Caballero