2019-2020 Cheers and Sidelines

1. G-O! Cheer (Words: G-O Cheer: G-O, lemme hear you say Go, Go! All right, that’s right lemme hear you say Fight, FIGHT! W-I-N, lemme hear you say Win, WIN! Together again, say Go, Fight, Win! GO! FIGHT! WIN! GO! FIGHT! WIN! (Hit it!) -stomp clasp- Go Go! We’re gonna -stomp clasp- Fight! Fight! To get a.. -stomp clasp- Win! Win! Together again say, Go Fight Win! We are Westmont, Westmont! Westmont, Westmont! Westmont, Westmont! Go Westmont go Westmont, GO!)

2. Warriors, You say Go! (Sideline Words: Go! Here we Go! Warriors you say Go!)