UCA Cheer Camp 2018 (Day 3)

Greetings again from another high-pace day at UCA Cheer Camp!

DAY 3: 


Today we had our Rally Evaluations.  With a slight hiccup from the night before, we re-arranged the routine with our Private Coach and perfected the pyramid we’ve been working so hard on.  Our Private Coach included some great transitions into the routine, and we pulled off another Gold Superior!  The team worked super hard in the morning, and had the routine nailed down by Lunch.  We gave them a long Lunch to recover and rest from a busy morning, and when we came back for Evals, we hit solid to receive that Gold Superior!  The team rewarded Erica Hadley with the Gold Ribbon, who knew the Rally Dance since Day 1 and has been teaching to all of the Freshmen and new members on Varsity.  Thank you for being so awesome, Erica!


All American Tryouts came right after the Lunch, and the first thing all the other teams noticed were our new uniforms.  :)  The uniforms look absolutely amazing!  We received many compliments.

From JV, we had Ashlyn Yee make All-American

From Varsity, both Erica Hadley and Mia Davis made All-American

Congratulations, ladies!


UCA only allowed 3 of our members compete in the Jump-Off today.  So we dwindled it down to Taylor Witana, Ashlyn Yee and Sav-Rose Turner.  They all competed in the Varsity Jump-Off division.  Taylor was up against some good Senior cheerleader competition, and unfortunately didn’t make it to the Finals.  Ashlyn and Sav-Rose were in the same row for Semi-Finals, and we were sure they wouldn’t take both to Finals.  To our surprise, UCA decided to take both of them to Finals!  In the end the competition was so close that the Varsity finalists had to perform a Toe-Touch, an Optional Jump, and a Double Jump.  Ashlyn Yee took home the Jump-Off Award, out of all of VARSITY CAMP!! Both Elite and Traditional Camps combined!  Way to go, Ashlyn!


UCA Camp ended Day 3 with the fun Space Rally, where all teams sit and cheer around the mats while playing Rally Games.  Kameron Madson and Coach Amber were paired up for a Coach + Member game.  The game was to shoot poms inside a hula hoop.  Kam was throwing the poms, Coach Amber was placing the hoop to get the poms to go through them.  Each school had a Coach + Member paired together and all schools competed against one another.  Westmont won!!  Congrats, Kam on your throwing skills! And Coach Amber on your hula hoop skills.  

The Rally also included dressing up the Coaches the best Space Outfits, and then all of us Coaches had to walk down the “run-way” to show off our cute outfits.  We’re sure the team has great black-mail pics to use against us.  ;)